2022 The Year of No Excuses

2022 The Year of No Excuses

In 2022 let’s ALL ditch the excuses.

5 years ago I charged $50-$70 for fills (roughly $35-45/hour) in Arizona. I made it my MISSION, to bring in $85/hour.

Eventually I got my pricing to $130/fill flat (classic/volume/mega) & I had a robust and loyal clientele, AND convinced a bunch of my lash pals to do the same. Then something amazing happened- now that I don’t take appointments anymore, my same lash pals charge even more than that. & they’re BOOKED.

This excuse is one that I hear too often about why artists charge low for their services, and while I do agree that where you live can play a part in pricing overall- there’s zero excuse why you can’t charge the highest in your area and raise the bar for others.

I did it, you can do it. The end. 💜🥰


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