3 Reasons Your Lash Sets Look ‘Droopy’

3 Reasons Your Lash Sets Look ‘Droopy’

Hey there it’s me Ali,


So, you want to set yourself apart in your area by creating beautiful lash sets that people will literally drive an hour or more and pay top dollar for? Good, that’s what I want for you too! Shaping is going to be super important for you in this case because, let’s be honest, it’s not everyone’s strong suit. And it will make or break a set. AND it will make you look like a rockstar when you become a pro.


So, let’s talk about why your lash sets are turning out ‘droopy’…


There are 3 common situations with outer corners that you need to make your bitch to avoid a droopy looking outer eye. (Check the photos to see the difference)


1- Going too Long


This is a very common mistake when styling. Outer corners can be super deceiving when your clients eyes are closed and can look completely different when open. So you’ll need to make sure that you aren’t going too long all the way out on those corners to avoid any droopers.


2- Not using the correct curl


Some people have straight downward growing outer corners, and some people (like me) have ultra curly outer corners, and everywhere in between. So you must be hyper aware of this and make sure you are choosing the correct curl for the natural lash, blending properly and using the correct attachment. (Meaning, you might not want to attach on the bottom of the NL to avoid drooping.)


Ex- I use a short C curl on my outer corners because they are so curly, they end up looking like D curls. Whereas if you are working on a client with straight or downward growing lashes, you’ll likely want a tighter curl to give you more of a lift to avoid drooping!


3- Using too much weight


Outer corner lashes usually grow a little more flimsy and thin. Which means they can’t hold as much weight and will droop and possibly even cause your client pain if you use too heavy of a diameter, too large of a fan or too long of lashes. All of which will cause excess weight and ruin your shaping.


Check out my most podcast Lashes & Bullshit to learn more about shaping and dominate those outer corners!

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