California Here Lash Anarchist Comes!

California Here Lash Anarchist Comes!

🍌🍌🍌Cause I’m goin’ goin’ back back to, Caliiiii!!

Yep, we decided to add a class in Newport, Ca on January 23rd, 2022 BB!!!!

& yes you read that right, it’s Layer Slayer 2.0 😈 cause I updated that shit for the layering, shaping, mapping, procreatin’, mega texturizing, branding & marketing queen of the world you are!!!! 👽

It’s the hybrid class I’ve been wanting to put out there & it’s finally here 😭🙌

Before class- you will receive access to The Branding Blueprint, which is my online course on building your personal brand and marketing the shit outta yourself.

✨In class, this gives us more time for fanning practice and Q&A.

After class- you’ll receive access to the online version of Layer Slayer Workshop, so you’ll never forget your shit!!

I am SUPER excited to be finally offering my favorite workshop this way 😆 & I can’t effing wait to meet you!!

🍌 Link in bio for the deets & to sign up.

See you there betches!! 💜👋
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