How To Become A Lash Artist in 2022

How To Become A Lash Artist in 2022

Have you ever thought about doing lash extensions?  I’m sure you’ve seen the amount of people posting about their beautiful lash sets on Instagram, and now even Tik Tok has become a lash hub.  If you are already in the beauty industry or are thinking about getting into this industry, doing lash extensions can be a very lucrative career in itself.

Becoming a lash artist in 2022 is definitely a lot easier than when I started, but there are still some things you should know.

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Let's get into the steps -

1. Shadow another lash artist

Contact other lash artists in your area and ask them to shadow them while they do some lash sets. Some might be okay with it, some might not.  But if you are able to find someone to watch, this is a great first step.  

2. Get your Cosmo or Esthetics license

Look into the regulations in the state you are going to be working in.  Some states require you to have a license to do lash extensions and some don't.

3. Visit different schools

Go to a bunch of different schools and see which ones fit better with your lifestyle and choose that.  They have all different types of schedules, possibly allowing you to attend school at the same time as your current job!

4. Practice on your friends

Practice doing lashes on literally anyone that will let you.  They will be your walking billboard.  You can gain possible clients from the people you practice on, as well as finding more people to practice on to really hone in your craft.  Not only will you get practice from doing a bunch of different lash models, but you're also going to get evidence of your skills in way of a portfolio of lashes.

5. Take pictures and videos

Take pictures and videos of every single lash set you do.  You can go back and look at the progress you made, use them for your portfolio, and have them for your social media.  What I liked to do when I was first starting out in lashes was to take one of my photos and put it up next to another lash artist's and see if there is anything that I needed to work on. 


I hope that these tips help you start preparing for a new career in lashes.  There are definitely much more steps to take to really be profitable, but these should get you started and in a good place to start building your skills and building up your portfolio to attract those paying clients.

You can always reach out to me on Instagram @lashanarchist if you're still struggling to get off the ground, but I will also be posting videos on my Youtube every week more catered to the newbie lash artist!

Thank you so much for reading, until next time.

Ali Lilly

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