Is Instagram The New Facebook?

Is Instagram The New Facebook?

You've probably noticed that Instagram has been making some major changes, some of which their users (myself included) do not love. In fact, we are anti-stan.

One fun new change that we noticed today is that we have lost our swipe up feature. It was supposed to be replaced with a 'link' sticker, but alas, we do not have a link sticker. #thanksinstagram

Another very annoying feature we lost recently is the repost function. We now have to go to make a story, upload a background photo (or take a photo of your palm and swipe right like I do) and then post the story. This one I'm truly not understanding because any good business knows that you should be taking away extra steps for your customers! Not adding them! 

Then, let's just get right the fuck into it. REELS. If you like making reels, you're lying. I don't believe you, leave my website right fucking now. 

I believe that this was Zuck's desperate attempt to slow the exploding success of TikTok because Facebook can't stand the idea of not being a complete monopoly and reaching WORLD DOMINATION hahahahaaaaa 😈

No but seriously, what the fuck are they thinking changing the very foundation on which Instagram was built? They originated as the first photo sharing platform, no words, no comments, just photots. People went fucking nuts. It's still a visual platform I will give it that, but in my opinion, the consumers that are on Instagram are not there because they are interested in video content. At least video is not ALL they're interested in! But, it doesn't matter, Instagram went balls deep with this switch and even announced that they are now a 'video sharing platform'. It will be interesting to see if this abrupt change will end up biting them in the rear.

What you can do about it-

Storytime. When I was a little girl we used to sing this song in church called 'The Wise Man' or something.. It went like this:

The foolish man built his house upon the sand, blah blah blah, the tide came in and the house came tumbling down.

The wise man built his house upon the rock, blah blah blah, the tide came in and the house on the rock stood still!

Okay why the eff is Intagram reminding me of nursery songs? Because building your business on social media is like building your house on sand. If the tide comes up (too many changes make people bail off the platform), you're fucked. You know where you need to be building your house you little wise man? On your website, aka your rock. You need to be building your email list and doing what instagram is currently failing at which is taking out that extra step. Provide VALUE and sell directly to your customers with your email list. I don't care what your business is, this is true for all of us. 

Start seeing social media for what it is, a tool. A marketing strategy. Not a long term plan to keep customers coming back to your website. 

If you provide value to your customers outside of Instagram, you'll have something better than followers. You'll have buyers.


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My people! I hate making Reels but I do it anyway for goddamn engagement 🙄 Starting up my email list has been on my to-do for a very long time but I keep lagging. This lit the fire under my ass!


You make excellent points! I’ve been collecting emails for a couple years now, it’s time to put them to use!

Thanks Ali!


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