What Are The Best Lash Tiles For Lash Artists?

What Are The Best Lash Tiles For Lash Artists?

Along with the tweezers and the lash extensions themselves, the lash tile has to be one of the most important tools a lash artist needs to run a successful business.  

The lash tile is where you place the different rows of lashes that you will be applying to your clients.  It's how you organize the lashes for a set.  The tile is the key to keeping everything sanitary, out of the way, and efficient. 

Could you imagine having to fan lashes from the strip in the lash try?  You would have to grab each individual tray everytime you need a certain length or diameter.  That just makes no sense, but you never know the things people will be trying!

This is where a good lash tile comes in.  Lash tiles come in all shapes and sizes, and there are pros and cons to all of them.  We are going to go through the different kind of lash tiles on the market so you can make a decision on what is going to work best for you and your lash business.








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As you can see there are a few options when it comes to lash tiles.  Honestly, the best way is to try some and see what works best for you.  We have even bought tiles from Home Depot when we were in a pinch!  However, these days we are loving using our Lash Anarchist matte lash tiles.  Who doesn't love a protective, sanitary cover?!

Much love,

Ali Lilly


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