About Us


I am the Lash Anarchist and I don't like rules. I have been pushing the limits for as long as I can remember, it's not surprising that I would do the same with my lashing. Since I officially started in 2012, I have always been searching for the next new thing, innovating and creating new styles to fit my client's needs and desires. I believe there's always a loophole, a way to get everything you want without compromise! That is why I FELL IN LOVE with MegaVolume and started this line of small diameter lashes.

I know how important weight and diameter is to maintaining natural lash health, that is why I didn't compromise on finding the thinnest and blackest lashes available. With the .03 lashes you can create beautiful 15-20 dimensional fans that weigh no more than a classic .18 lash. You can also take that fan down to an 8-10D to give your client the length that they have been begging for. My favorite is mixing shorter .03 mega fans with longer 'unfanned' .06 sections for a textured style.

My mission in this industry is to inspire innovation, creation and art. You CAN have it all. Fuck the rules, fuck the system, have fun and create new shit!