Layer Slayer Workshop Dates

✨This one day workshop will be 10am-4pm, lunch, kit and certificate included✨

✨The Mini course is a 3.5 hour condensed course, includes snacks, a mini kit and certificate✨

💖 Oceanside, CA - May 21st (Mini Layer Slayer $347)

🍌 St Petersburg FL - July 30th

⚡️  Houston, TX - August 7th

💖Seattle, WA - August 27th




What We Cover

✅ Learning Procreate

✅ Branding

✅ Marketing

✅ Lashing in Layers

✅ Fan Making

✅ Finger Roll/Pinch

✅ Fan on Strip

✅ Unfans (Peaks/Spikes)

✅ Premade Fans

✅ Eye Shapes

✅ Basic Mapping

✅ Creative Mapping

✅ Density

✅ Length Hack

✅ Soft Strip Lash Look

✅ Structured Strip Lash

✅ Doll Strip Lash

✅Wet Lash Look

✅ How To Fill On Advanced Styles


What's in the kit?

🏆 Certificate

🎁 10% Off Lash Products for LIFE

🍌 Lunch

+ Set of exclusive Layer Slayer megavolume tweezers

+ Large Layer Slayer mirror

+ 2 mixed trays: .03 & .06

+ 1 mix tray premade spikes

+ 5 ml Lashbomb adhesive

+ 50 cute mascara wands

+ 1 empty promade tray

+ Manual

What My Students Are Saying

Very detailed and thorough! Can't wait to start getting more creative with my sets! Thank you for sharing Ali, you're amazing!



Layer Slayer Workshop 10am-4pm

Layer Slayer Mini - 3.5 hours


💖 Oceanside, CA - May 21st (Mini Layer Slayer $347)

🍌 St Petersburg FL - July 30th

⚡️  Houston, TX - August 7th

🍌Seattle, WA - August 27th

BONUS: The Branding Blueprint

After you have made your final payment for Layer Slayer, you will be enrolled in our exclusive online course to get your branding on point!


Questions You Might Have

Do I have to take this class in person?

No! We also offer an online version.

Do I need a model?

No models! Just you, any tools you love to lash with, and a notebook or laptop to take notes with if that's your thang!

Does this class come with a kit?

Yes, the kit comes with everything you need for class. Feel free to bring your own favorite tools though!

Do I need prior lash experience?

Yes, you should have at least SOME volume experience.

How long is class?

Class starts at 10am, with a lunch in the middle, and ends at 4pm.

How long do I have access to The Branding Blueprint?