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Layer Slayer Livestream ($448.50 for BLACK FRIDAY)

Layer Slayer Livestream ($448.50 for BLACK FRIDAY)

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I love MegaVolume and I LOVE lashes! But, what I love more than just lashing, is the art of shaping and creating different looks and textures. Once I started to figure out how to create the unique looks that my clients were asking for, 3 things happened..

1- I became more in demand

2- I was able to charge more, which meant I made more money 

(for more on making more money and raising your prices, please visit my freebie section and register for my FREE training "Raise Your Damn Prices"

3- I became a more valuable and well rounded educator! 

That's where Layer Slayer came in...

The Layer Slayer Workshop is a program that I have developed over many years of teaching MegaVolume and lashing my own clientele. I took out the 'fluff' and only included the meat. And I get very honest about my own personal experience of how I grew my instagram and was able to make a name for myself in the lash industry. And, I believe with my whole heart that you can do the same!


 In this workshop you will learn..



-Lashing In Layers

-Fan Making

-finger roll/pinch

-fan on strip

-unfans (peaks/spikes)

-premade fans

-Eye shapes

-Basic Mapping

-Creative Mapping


-Length Hack

-Soft Texture

-Structured Texture

-Doll Texture

-Texture Fills


Included in this Live on Zoom Workshop

-Instagram for Business Ebook

-12 Downloadable Map Worksheets


Can't wait to see you in there!

After purchasing:

- You will get a confirmation email of the class
- You will get a second email with a link to sign up for the class event for your chosen date
- After you register for the class, you will get an email with all the official details and where to stream the class
- You will receive your kit before class starts

***Please make sure to have your 2nd payment made at least a  week before class starts so we can get your kit shipped to you in time!!




Contents of Full Kit:

-1 Set of Exclusive Layer Slayer MegaVolume Tweezers

-1 Large Layer Slayer Mirror

-2 Mix Trays, .03 & .06

-1 Mix Premade Tray

-1 5ml LashBomb Glue

-50 cute mascara wands

-1 Promade Tray

-Mapping Cards

-1 Personalized Certificate


Contents of Tweezer/Mirror Kit:

-Set of Layer Slayer Twezers (Exclusive)

-Layer Slayer Mirror (exclusive)

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