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The Beauty Educator's Blueprint

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The Beauty Educator's Blueprint:

The Ultimate Beauty Course Building Workshop 


Fill out the application at to apply. 

Whether you are new to educating, or you are a seasoned educator wanting the tools to put your course online, grow your business and gain confidence in not only yourself and your brand, but in tech- this workshop is for you.


In The Beauty Educator's Blueprint, you will learn everything you need to develop, brand and market your very own, unique course- and put that sh*t online.


You will not only be given the tools to build your course, but also to continue to grow and support your student base and business for years to come.


The price of this program is $3,470 BUT everyone on the waitlist will receive $500 off!! Which will make your total cost $2,970- And don't worry, we have payment options!


If you just thought in your head, "Cool, I can make back that money in TWO trainings sold", then badass, you are our people.


"If you just thought to yourself, "Fuck, I don't want to invest that much in myself or my business", then this program is not a good fit


Alright, if you are absolutely sick and f*cking tired of seeing other people (just as qualified as you are) living their dreams, and you are ready to put on your big girl pants and stop making excuses... Scroll down, and Apply Now!