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LashBomb Keratin Infused Crystal Sealer

LashBomb Keratin Infused Crystal Sealer

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LASHBOMB’s Crystal Sealers are formulated with Swiss peptides and a patented, water-soluble Hydrolyzed Keratin technology that binds and plumps lashes from the inside out. While typical keratin-based sealers, only coat the surface like a hairspray resulting in additional breakage, LASHBOMB’s Crystal Sealer revitalizes the eyelashes natural protective layer, rebuilds tensile strength, and creates additional elasticity to reduce breakage. Expect to see stronger, more flexible, curled extensions that look better and last longer. LASHBOMB also offers a Black Crystal Sealer with a deep multi-luminous black color for those that prefer a mascara effect.

LASHBOMB aftercare retail items are available to lash professionals only at wholesale pricing. RETAIL price- $34.00

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