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.06 - MegaVolume Lash Extensions

.06 - MegaVolume Lash Extensions

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Experience the ultimate in lash volume with our fabulous .06 mega volume lash extensions. Crafted with precision and care, these lashes are the perfect tool to help you unleash your creativity and create the lash looks you've always dreamed of.

Our .06 mega volume lashes are incredibly easy to work with, whether you're using your favorite technique or tweezer to create fans. And with their buttery fan, you can achieve stunning results with minimal effort.

With these lashes, you're free to create any look or style that's in your heart. Their thin and weightless design allows you to create 8-15 volume fans without adding any extra pressure to the natural lash. And with a black as black color and satin finish, you can be sure that your clients will love the flawless, natural-looking results.

Comparable to other brand's .05's, our .06 mega volume lash extensions are the perfect choice for lash artists who demand the best. And with a slightly more relaxed curl, you can achieve the perfect balance of volume and natural-looking beauty.

So why wait? Elevate your lash game to the next level with our .06 mega volume lash extensions today! And if you're having a hard time deciding, opt for the curlier option to add an extra pop to your client's look.


Diameters: .06

Curls: C, D, U
Note: U curl is slightly more curly than a D curl, comparable to a DD.

Individual Length Trays: 6MM, 7MM, 8MM, 9MM, 10MM, 11MM, 12MM, 13MM, 14MM, 15MM, 16MM, 17MM

Mixed Length Trays: 5-7MM, 8-14MM, 12-15MM
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